Monday, March 22, 2010

Welcome to the site that care's about the innocent people's reputation, here you will be able to post concerns about your private information being misused on the net, also taking down your pictures that are up on the net even if they are public information.

If this is the case people pay a service to use sites like this, but this site intentionally uses peoples profiles for their personal gain, to bring in traffic to their Google adds and other affiliated programs.

In a few days Google will be banning them from the net, there have been numerous e-mails around this controversy. The site administrator ignores the warning, surrounding these accusations, this site and many to come will help to keep webmaster's from abusing the web for their personal gain.

Go to an learn on how to protect your identity.
We have a few lawyers checking in on this situation that has been brought up in the resent week, it seems the lady at the justice center, who takes these pictures have know idea what intense damage and emotional duress an harm which has inflicted many innocent people. is dedicated to serving the community from people who selfishly do things without thinking about the consistences which come's after.

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